Sep 14 2016

Mistakes Print


“Someone who makes no mistake doesn’t usually make anything.” – Theodore Roosevelt

What a great saying to have on an art print. My print didn’t come framed, but it came on quality paper and in fun font! Flawless to look at and flawless to touch, this print deserved to be framed. I put it in …

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Aug 31 2016

Chillax Review


Chillax on this Chillax inflatable lounger. It’s great both indoors or outdoors! While this can be difficult to inflate, it’s kind of worth it to see the smile on my daughter’s face. The Chillax Lounger is portable and requires no pumps. It’s an interesting novelty to have. It can support up to 400LBS at full …

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Aug 23 2016

Rock ‘N Learn Review


Rock ‘N Learn has great DVDs and Board Books for learning. Whether your kid is learning phonics or math, Rock ‘N Learn has something to help!

Rock ‘N Learn sent me two DVDS and two books for review. The two basically go hand in hand. Letter Sounds and Silly Sentences practically match. It’s great …

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Aug 08 2016

Smarty Had a Party Review

Do you have a hard time getting supplies together for a party? Smarty Had A Party makes it super easy and a lot less stressful for the party planner! Parties should be fun, but sometimes planning can eat away at that fun! I got a few supplies recently from Smarty Had A Party. I was …

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Jul 27 2016

FreshJax Grilling Spices Gift Set

I love to grill. A good steak or burger can really turn around my moods. I am still learning how to season meats however. I am also new to grilling vegetables and seasoning those. FreshJax Grilling Spices have added a brand new flavor to my grilling and I am LOVING them!

FreshJax Grilling Spices …

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Jul 26 2016

Apex Gardening Tools Set

I love gardening. Do you? I have issues gardening due to the tough clay soil I have, and severe carpal tunnel. Apex has a great gardening tool set for those with arthritis or carpal tunnel. Their gardening tools are made with seniors in mind.These gardening tools for seniors are awesome because they have long handles …

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