Apr 29 2016

Anjou Diffuser and Essential Oils Review

How much do you know about diffusers? Are you for them, or kind of eh when they’re mentioned? Anjou has a nice diffuser and essential oils I would like to introduce to you. However, you must remember to keep an open mind. These are great for aroma therapy, and if you don’t believe it works, then I guess I’ll have to try to convince you. Because I believe, it does. I also believe humidifiers are not the same as diffusers.

anjou diffuser and essential oils review

The Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser is ultra sonic, can hold up to 300ml, and run for up to eight hours. It has an auto-shut off feature and it can be set to various different colors. Alternatively, you can leave the light off, or dim each one. Most diffusers don’t have a dimmer, so that really makes the Anjou Diffuser stand out.

The cone shape helps the aroma flow out nicely at a good height level. Straight up in the air allowing for a great flow. The wooden look at the bottom allows this diffuser to fit in with your decor nicely. These help moisten the air, like a humidifier, but also function as a night light, can relax your mood and hide awful smells. Combine this awesome Anjou Diffuser with their essential oils for ultimate relief.

The essential oils I received from them includes six 10ml bottles: Lavender, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, and Sweet Orange. Here’s where I come in with lecturing you on essential oils. Not only are they good for health reasons, but they have various uses and hint: most of them do NOT include a diffuser. Sure, they’re great in diffusers, but they also have many other uses, for massage, household cleaning, acne and more. Essential Oils are really essential to our lives, and most aren’t even using them yet. Luckily, Aroma therapy and the use of essential oils is really starting to trend, so I hope to see everyone using these soon.

Tea Tree oil, to me doesn’t smell so good, even in a diffuser. Tea tree oil is good for removing skin tags, warts, acne and even makes a great household cleaner. It’s got various uses and I can only help you more with this essential oil by linking my good friend’s post on the many uses of tea tree oil. I do love Lavender as an essential oil. The brand, doesn’t really matter. If it’s a lavender essential oil, I’m using it. It really helps me relax and sleep. To me, sleeping is a big deal. I need it and I’m a light sleeper, so everything keeps me up and then wakes me.

Lavender really helps get me to sleep much better and sometimes even keeps me asleep. Sweet Orange Essential Oils, help liven my mood and I find I have more energy when I use it. I also find that my mind just feels better. Peppermint essential oil helps keep spiders away! It also helps with mood and energy level. It gives the house an overall fresh smell to me and I love it. If you hate spiders, start putting some peppermint essential oil in areas you find them. They’ll run the other way.

Lemongrass is stimulating, relaxing, soothing, and balancing. On top of these, lemongrass helps reduce muscle aches and also helps keep bugs away! There’s many great uses to it both in a diffuser and alone. But if you’re wanting bugs away, lemongrass… seriously. It works. Now the Eucalyptus essential oil, is by far my favorite. It’s saved my butt many times. It’s great for the lungs. This truly helps reduce coughs and makes sleeping so much easier when you’re sick. Something about it helps the flu, sinuses and even allergies. Now, I’m not saying it’s a cure-all, but it will help. I have been using eucalyptus oil for my daughter, husband and myself for the past few months. It’s effects are wonderful. It’s also good in a cleaner and has many other benefits you are welcome to google.

Overall, Anjou has a great six piece essential oils starter set. I would expect no less from a starter kit to include the most beneficial of essential oils. Anjou’s diffuser is unique and fun. It’s great in any room and functions on all levels, helps keeping the air nice and moist,  and your mood where it needs to be.

Find the Anjou Diffuser on Amazon and also their Essential Oils!

Is Aroma Therapy Effective? What do you think? Do Diffusers and Essential Oils Work?

Tell me why or why not below!

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