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May 15 2016

Kids Imaginative Dinosaur Toys

Does your son or daughter love dinosaurs? My daughter does. She loves them very much. Some may find that a bit odd for a little girl, but I don’t. I loved them also, growing up. I still do in fact. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to find large sized dinosaur toys? I …

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May 05 2016

Cooper and Kid : The DAD subscription box

Cooper and Kid subscription boxes are wonderful themed boxes, encouraging father bonding time. These awesome boxes are made to appeal to both dad and kid, to have some fun times together. Often it’s hard for moms to get creative with their kids, I imagine it’s much harder for a father. Especially, if you’re …

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Apr 30 2016

Dauber Dawgs Dot Markers Review

Dauber Dawgs Dot Markers anyone? If you are playing bingo or crafting with little ones, you may like these Dauber Dawgs Dot Markers! I have found myself in a creative mood lately and have been wanting my little one to explore her creativity more as well.

In comes Dauber Dawgs with their awesome, vibrant …

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Apr 29 2016

Box Me Not Jewelry Seahorse Necklace Review

I love Box Me Not Jewelry! In case you didn’t see my last review of their Butterfly Necklace, you missed out a beautiful piece. However, I have their Seahorse Necklace here on this review, so you will find out about them more below!

My Box Me Not Jewelry seahorse necklace came in a beautiful …

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Apr 26 2016

O-Sip! Silicone Sippy Cup Lids

I never thought of silicone sippy cup lids being a thing kids need. Apparently, it can be more convenient to just carry a lid with you instead of the entire cup. It’s also great if for some reason you find yourself without a sippy cup, but have a normal cup. Now, in what situations do …

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Apr 20 2016

Box Me Not Butterfly Necklace

The Box Me Not Butterfly Necklace is a children’s necklace or a necklace for those young at heart. It’s very pretty and when I saw the unique box it came in, I had to get it. My niece is turning 12 soon and I absolutely love her free spirit. Needless to say, …

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