Apr 29 2016

DKnight Magicbox II Wireless Speaker

Do you like music everywhere you go? If you’re like me, that answer is yes. If not, I’m not sure what is wrong with you, but you should probably get help for that issue. I like love music. It’s a part of my soul. I love that portable wireless speakers exist these days. Now, I can bring my joy of music with me everywhere and share it with everyone! (Alternatively, you could try the headphones I reviewed, and NOT annoy everyone. There’s really no fun in that, but if you have kids and need to censor your music, go for it.)

dknight magicbox 2 wireless speaker review

This is an interesting portable wireless speaker. It comes with a charging cord (FYI I haven’t had to use it since my initial charge yet), a bass pad, an audio cord, and instructions. The DKnight Magicbox II comes in three colors black, red, and blue. It’s actually a rather inexpensive wireless speaker, with good quality. It booms rather loud and good thing for the bass pad, as it could fall and often with the amazing bass you get with this!

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The Magicbox II distance seems to go a good way. It still works in my bathroom, just not while the shower’s running. (Boooo! No shower karaoke with this wireless speaker!) It’s great because I now don’t stream my Pandora through the TV. I use my laptop and drag the portable speaker into whatever room I’m cleaning in. This way I get to jam out and sing along to all my favorites, torturing whomever happens to be in the room.

How long does the DKnight Magicbox II Wireless Speaker hold a charge?

The Magicbox II seems to hold a long charge, as I haven’t needed to charge it yet. However, it does take hours to charge when it does die and when it first comes. You can still use it while charging though, so that’s a plus. Just got to keep it connected to your laptop or whatever USB port you choose to use. The speaker claims to last 10-12 hours. I am surprised I haven’t had mine die yet, as I feel like I’ve used it way more than that in the time I’ve had it. Maybe, I’m wrong.  It’s possible, because I didn’t exactly time my use each music jam session.

You can connect this to any bluetooth enable device and answer calls even. You can skip or go back, you can answer phone calls, pause, and start music using the Magicbox II wireless speaker. Range is 33 feet, and I can connect it to multiple devices, so where my laptop can’t go, my phone can. I’m not even sure it NOT working while in the shower was speaker related, it could’ve been the distance was a bit off. I probably should have connected it to my phone instead of the laptop in that case. I hope you check out the DKnight Magicbox II and see what it can do for yourself!

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