Apr 06 2016

I Was Beautiful for a Day

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Beautiful means to be more than a pretty face, it’s a uniqueness only you have. Love yourself, flaws and all. Love the skin you’re in, you live in it your entire life. You are only given ONE body, love it.


I was beautiful for a day,

Then someone came my way,

Criticize everything, hair, smile,

My beauty was only a little while,

I grew my hair out, my smile had braces,

Now made fun of for fixing the spaces,

Spaces fixed, but chest size isn’t,

Are you sure you’re a girl, they’re non-existent!

I got older, I was beautiful for a day,

Then more people came my way,

You should wear more make up, cover your face,

You should dress more girly, show some grace,

Why aren’t your ears pierced, you are a girl?

No, I’m a woman in a messed up world,

I was beautiful for a day,

Just a little bit cute in my own way,

Then people came along and ruined me,

Now flaws are all I see,

Eyebrows need waxing and bad,

Make-up I never learned to put on, so sad,

Hair I can’t seem to maintain,

I was skinny, now weight is gained,

Stretchmarks, acne, scars,

Nothing hurts more than those glares,

beautiful quotes, beautiful poems, quotes about beauty, poems about beauty, beautiful words

I'm a mom now, there's nothing more beautiful Click To Tweet

I’m a mom now, there’s nothing more beautiful,

I have never been so strong and powerful,

I have a daughter who beams with pride,

I fear the day someone breaks her confident stride,

So I will boost her ego every chance I get,

To make sure no one can ever wreck it!


This poem is written by me.


Moms remember we set the example for our daughters. Our world may set the standard, but we are the example. Love yourself like your children do, with flawless, caring eyes. We are what makes their world beautiful. We can criticize it or we can accept everything, flaws and all. My daughter has never heard me say the words fat or ugly, stupid or dumb, other hurtful words. She may have heard some curse words, but never mean words. There’s plenty of hurtful words out there, she will know them some day.

I already correct her when she repeats bad words learned from outside sources.  Watch what you say, your kids are listening. Talk to them about hurtful words, and let them know that not everything beautiful is good, not everything “ugly” is bad. My daughter loves frogs and is afraid of sheep. I see that as a great example to her growing up, that “ugly” things can be very lovable. There are many things we cannot control, and there’s no reason to hate ourselves for it. Be like my daughter, wake up everyday shouting “It’s a Beautiful Day!” even if it’s not. Get dressed in your favorite outfit, shout to yourself “I love it! It’s so pretty!” and then tell yourself in anything that shows your reflection “I’m beautiful”, even if you feel otherwise.

I’ve learned so much from my daughter, just loving herself. She will talk to herself if she sees her reflection in anything, even a car. I’ve witnessed my kid kissing her reflection on the car. Seriously.  She kissed the car. Because she saw herself, because she loves herself, because she is beautiful. I love how happy she is to face the day and the world. She will tell everyone how much she loves her hair, her eyes, her clothes, and will compliment away at the person standing in front of her. She sees everyone as they are… beautiful.


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