Apr 26 2016

O-Sip! Silicone Sippy Cup Lids

I never thought of silicone sippy cup lids being a thing kids need. Apparently, it can be more convenient to just carry a lid with you instead of the entire cup. It’s also great if for some reason you find yourself without a sippy cup, but have a normal cup. Now, in what situations do you find yourself in where you do NOT have a sippy cup entirely available? Quite often!

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I have misplaced sippy cup lids, tumbler lids, and my kid has lost entire sippy cups in general. If you go visit a kid-less friends house, no sippy cups exist. All eat-out restaurants offer kids cups, with straws. Not every kid is ready for straws and they like their sippy cup lids. The O-Sip Silicone Sippy Cup Lids can fit on just about any cup. Now these take some practice to get on. They are flexible and stretchy, but it takes some work. Remember it has to seal an entire cup for you. I recommend practicing on empty cups first. While these are a great idea, it can be a hassle.

Stretch across and slide down sounds pretty easy, but it can snap on your fingers and pitch a little. I did manage to get them on a normal glass cup, a kid’s drinking cup, and tumbler to-go cup, that actually has a real lid. The pink one on the fairy tumbler, went on the hardest. The easiest? The blue lid on the glass cup. Although I easily got this on the glass cup, you have to remember they are still breakable. Supervise your toddlers if you are giving them a real glass cup. The silicone lid does drink rather fast. (Yes, I tried them.) Kids under two may choke a little with the heavy flow.


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I find these are most beneficial for restaurants and eating out. They’re rather easy to bring along and you can convert their kid cups into toddler cups. You can avoid some major spills this way. I think parents everywhere can say they have had some pretty heavy spills with drinks while out to eat. It’s embarrassing, but it almost always happens every time you’re out. If it’s not your own kid, count yourself lucky, but it is happening at another table.

O-Sip! silicone sippy cup lids are bpa free, phthalate-free and dishwasher safe. You can also boil them in water, if you ever get that nasty old-milk smell. They fit openings 2.5-3.75 inches, so they should fit a majority of cups, however not all. They are spill-proof, but not leak proof and do not stop a glass cup from breaking.  They’re pretty innovated and rather convenient to bring. You can keep one as a back-up in your purse, for when your kid loses a sippy cup at a park or when you decide to suddenly eat out at a restaurant. Interested in these silicone sippy cup lids? Check them out!

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