Mar 18 2016

Portion Control Container Kit

Portion Control Container Kit is a 7-piece kit from Star. It’s a great way to help you watch what you eat!  This portion control kit is similar to the 21-day fix challenge one, however I think this is much cheaper. It’s like fixing your diet without the expense! Serving sizes have a real impact on our weight and many of us don’t have a portion control scale. This makes controlling your portions a little bit easier.

portion control

The Portion Control Kit Contains 7 containers-

Green is 1 Cup of Vegetables.

Purple is 1 Cup of Fruit.

Red is 3/4 Cup off Proteins.

Yellow is 1/2 Cup of Carbs.

Blue is 1/3 Cup of Fats.

Orange is 2 TBSP of Seeds & Dressings.


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portion control kitThe portion control kit is designed to help you lose weight!

To use your food portions kit you must first calculate out your calorie level. Find your Caloric baseline. First you must determine whether your life style is considered sedentary, moderately active or highly active. You should basically be able to tell this by yourself, however they do explain it more. I tend to be sedentary, although I would like to be moderately.  So you take this fact and it becomes your multiplier by your weight. (Mine is 165 x 11) Then you find your maintenance calories to determine whether or not your exercise routine is moderate or extreme.

Mine is moderate- so I add 400 to the last sum. I then subtract 750 from that number and I get 1465 for my regular calorie intact. To gain wait add another 350 calories to the maintenance calories. To maintain, go with the sum you last calculated.  (I suppose to lose, cut down maybe 400 or so calories.) Now due to my range, I’m allowed 3 green, 2 purple, 4 red, 2 yellow, 1 blue and 1 orange container a day. They include a whole possible shopping list for you to go by, all of it healthy. This also shows you what foods classifies as what to them for healthy eating habits. Cheese is considered fats, I’m going to be a rather sad girl cutting that down.

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This is a great little kit for those working on maintaining or losing weight and eating healthy. The containers are microwave safe and dishwasher safe. They’re easy to bring with you if you want to measure and portion control while on the go. They recommend you pre-plan your meals out, so that you can better judge. Even if you don’t though, you can always portion control as you go. Cut up whatever meal you had planned, place it into your containers then dump on the plate. Whatever left overs can be put away as needed. I’m currently struggling on my weight loss journey, so hopefully some portion control with this kit will help me out some. Adding  smaller plates to your weight-loss plans? Try using these as your measuring cups! Thanks for reading and please tweet out the tweet above if you think they may be worth buying. I sure think they are!

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Do you have issues with portion control? What are you trying to do to solve it? Tell us below!

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