Apr 26 2016

She Screamed with the Thunder

she screamed with the thunder poem

She screamed with the thunder
As she stormed through the rain
Lightning could have struck her
And she wouldn’t feel the pain


So many knives in her back
They make up her spine
Her eyes are pitch black
An enraged wolf is her mind

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She’s got the beauty of a wilted rose
Heart of ash from all the flames
Where she’s headed no one knows
A shell of her is what remains


Sands of time try to bury her
Paths taken always go astray
But she’ll be damned if she goes under
And still survives this very day.
by: The Mommy Jungle


Author Note on She Screamed with the Thunder:

We try to be invincible, we’re not. What are we? We’re survivors. We can overcome our storms, and they’re ours to walk through. Often alone, as no one can be in our heads and hearts with us. We then guard, and we should guard ourselves. We should protect ourselves. We should open to those, who are worthy of us. Not everyone loves you, not everyone will care and it’s hard sometimes, to know who’s worth showing ourselves to. First, find yourself. Love yourself. Make sure you cannot be buried by other people’s words and thoughts about you. Build yourself a castle. A castle so high, and guarded by dragons, no one can throw enough dirt on you.

People will always hurt you, are you strong enough to walk forward and continue on? Darn right we are. Because that’s what we do. There are people worth living for in our lives, there are adventures to be had, and lessons that come from all the pain. If you feel anything less than worthy, start searching in yourself. Nothing is wrong with you. Everything is wrong with your own opinion of you and the opinions of others you let infect you. Get rid of the disease. Block out their opinions. Note that none matter more than your own and if your own opinion of yourself isn’t one of love, change it.

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