May 25 2016

Soniclear Petite Facial Cleansing System Review

Do you have a skin care regime? As I have been getting older, I realized it’s time to have one. I have recently learned with the Soniclear Petite Facial Skin Cleansing System, that a brush really makes all the difference in a skin care regime. Honestly, we should be taking care of our skin no matter what age we are. For some reason, the idea only hits us as we age.

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This face cleansing system comes with a travel case, a brush head with cover, a face cleanser, charging station and USB cord. The only thing missing from it is a plug!  This shouldn’t be an issue, as many devices already have one. The Soniclear Petite is made by Michael Todd Beauty. They are the world’s first sonic skin cleansing system to add an antimicrobial protection into its brushes to guard against bacteria.


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The bristles vibrate and don’t seem to rotate. (At least not for me, not sure if they’re supposed to or not.) It gets a good scrub going and you can brush in small circles. This awesome cleansing system has three modes and beeps every 20 seconds, letting you know to move to another area. It holds a pretty good charge and magnetically connects to the handle. It’s waterproof, so you may use the facial brush cleansing system in the shower! I find this perfect for me because I tend to use my cleansers in the shower.

Michael Todd Beauty’s Cleanser is good smelling and there’s no stickiness!

This can work with any cleanser, but my gosh, the Michael Todd Beauty cleanser seems to work extremely well. I can feel it tingling as it sits on my face. It doesn’t smell bad and there’s no sticky feel after. I recommend following up with a moisturizer after however, as your face may feel a bit dry.  My face was red briefly after using the cleansing brush system, however it quickly faded back to it’s normal color. I noticed my skin had looked cleaner and almost clearer immediately. A few hours later, you could tell there’s a definite difference. My face was not perfect, but I imagine with continuous use and my normal skin care regime, it will be fine.

These don’t work with other brands’ brush heads, so you will have to purchase a replacement through Michael Todd Beauty’s website. (These cannot be found on Amazon.) It comes in various colors which is surprising for a cleansing brush system. It’s a nice bonus to me, because you can show off a little of your personality.

Over all, the Soniclear Petite Facial Cleansing System is a good buy in my mind. The replacement brushes are a little more expensive than some other systems, however this is also the only one (at this time) with antimicrobial protection. In my mind, that means these brushes should last us longer. There’s also a three year warranty that comes with the system. I think it’s a great sonic cleansing system that you will love trying and adding to your skin care regime. Hope you took something good away from this review, as always, please read other reviews before purchasing! Everyone’s experience varies, no company is flawless, and what works on one person’s skin, may not on yours!

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